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StickIT vs. Welded

StickIT! System vs. Replacement Bladders


Dr.Tuba is authorized by many known kite brands. Our aftermarket replacement bladders are custom made in our factory, with the best quality TPU, all made in EU. It is UV stable and it won't degrade even in longer periods of time.

We spent a lot of time in searching the product which has great elongation and that is it still tough. With our 90 micron TPU our bladders are approx. 10% lighter than the ones installed in the kite and have best weight to toughness ratio compared to competition. It is not un-common that they survive blowouts too!

Did you know?

Our replacement kite bladders comes in 2 variants - StickIT! adhesive system, with whom you create your bladder, and as Replacement Bladder, which is basically a copy of your original one.

Please read on for detailed difference explanation.


StickIT! Adhesive System

This is "THE" option for the travellers, DIY and the ones who don't want to spend a lot money for all the bladders for every kite they have. It's a kind of universal solution, which consists of bladder eg. "bladder blank" and the serie of adhesive, stick-on or self-stick kite valves.

When needed you stick them to the right position on the bladder blank, to copy your faulty or damaged original bladder. By that the one can use over-sized bladder and stick the valves when needed, having less weighted, "one-bladder" and on-site solution for more than just one kite!


Replacement Bladders

The replacement kite bladders comes with pre-welded valves e.g. fully assembled, ready to install, like the ones installed in your kite. You don't need to buy any valves, you just need to install it into the kite and go flying!

If we do not have the measures for your kite or you want exact copy - please send us your broken bladder or fill out the online form and we will make you a replacement one!

You can choose the bladders for your kite in the list of brands below or make the search for correct one in the search box below.

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e.g. Naish Park 2014 9m...

Perfect solution for travellers

One size for more kite sizes.

You mount adhesive valves

To match your bladder's valve positions.


For ultra strong & permanent bond.

Fully assembled

With pre-welded valves

Ready to install

Like original bladders installed in your kite.

Quality control

QC tested overnight!

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