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Kiteboarding Lines

Good kiteboarding lines are essential part of equipment. They add to the behaviour and feedback from your kite, and your safety.

We at Dr.Tuba use only top quality, 100% dynema lines, made in Germany and provide sewing and splicing services and make of custom lines. Our product range includes flying lines and extensions, bridle lines, leader & safety lines, depower lines, pigtails and different line parts. Our lines offers unmatched breaking strengths and durability with thinner diametres compared to standard lines.

Link to our lines:

Flying Lines

45,00 € (36,89 € excl VAT)
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Bridle lines
Bridle line

3,00 € (2,46 € excl VAT)
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Kite Pigtails
Kite Pigtails Set

25,00 € (20,49 € excl VAT)
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Flying Line Extensions

23,00 € (18,85 € excl VAT)
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Leader & Safety Lines

3,50 € (2,87 € excl VAT)
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Line Splicing Needle
Line Splicing Needle

20,00 € (16,39 € excl VAT)
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Race / Lightwind
Flying Lines & Extensions

40,00 € (32,79 € excl VAT)
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Depower Lines

5,50 € (4,51 € excl VAT)
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