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Hot-Melt Repair Tape SKU: FXHM1


19,90 €

(16,31 € excl VAT)

Hot-melt bladder repair tape to fix bladder tears. Thermoplastic heat-sensitive adhesive material provides permanent repair in minutes, basically requires no curing time. You can be back in the water as soon as the tape is applied!

With hot iron application for a few seconds repair tape form an exceptionally strong, flexible and durable bond with existing bladder.

Non-sticky nature of the tape provides long-term adhesion, as it doesn't attract dirt that may weaken the bond over time. Unlike solvent-based products it doesn't degrade over time or release harmful solvents into the environment. It is heat resistant after curing and maintains its performance characteristics despite exposure to UV, salt,...


Key Benefits

+ Permanent

+ Flexible

+ Transparent

+ Heat resistant after curing

+ UV & Salt resistant

+ Cost effective


What's Included?

  • 1pc Hot melt film (100 x 15cm)
  • 1pc heat shield paper
  • 2pcs alcohol swabs


You can even invisibly repair small tears in kite's canopy!

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